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Is babywearing the new parenting fad?

Actually, babywearing has been around since the beginning of times. Our animal ancestors have been "carrying" species, keeping their youngest close when looking for food. Our human newborns still have inborn clinging reflexes but aren't mature enough to actually cling to their mother right after birth. That's why early humans started to make carriers.

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Babywearing Benefits both Your Little One & You

Babywearing has so many benefits, it's practical, enjoyable and natural.  

More freedom

Oh, it can be so hard to go outside and enjoy things after you had a baby. Even simple things like having a coffee with friends might be challenging. Babywearing allows you to go and enjoy things you liked in your pre-baby life together with your little one. It can be coffee, dancing, going to the mountains, and the list goes on...

More time

You have a bebe who would only sleep on you? Or a little one who needs to be held all the time? If so, isn't it really hard to do anything else? Luckily, babywearing is hands-free, so it can give you time back without ignoring your lil' bebe.

More connection

Not everyone falls in love at first sight. True for both romantic and parental love. Whether or not you have fallen in love with your baby right away, carrying her close to your body will be a beautiful additional layer of your connection.

Less crying

Being the closest to the person their life depends on, smelling their scent and hearing their heartbeat, being warm, snug and cosy. Does anyone still wonder why carried babies cry less?

The most precious thing you ever get to wear is your baby.

7 benefits of carrying for babies

Did you know that your little one benefits from babywearing in several ways? 

After they've been carried in a warm and cosy place for 9 months, babies are exposed to a brand new world they need to get used to. 

7 benefits of carrying for ALL caregivers

As we mostly see babywearing moms, it's often considered a tool for moms. But in reality, carrying benefits all caregivers. Babywearing helps daddies, grannies and nannies as well.

Quotes on Staying Close to Your Bebe


A child may not know which direction he is going, but when he is attached to you, he doesn't feel lost.

Gordon Neufeld 

 / Developmental Psychologist


The space shared by a mother and her infant is a wondrous thing; it is the foundation of human development and wellbeing.

Dr. Rosie Knowles

/ Mother, GP, Author of Why Babywearing Matters


Babywearing helps them explore the world with you when they are not ready to without you.


/ Source

How to Choose Your Sling or Carrier

You want the best for your little one and you are confused about the wide selection of different types of slings and carriers?

I hear you.

If you're just starting out, the babywearing market might seem like a jungle. Did you know that there are over 100 baby carrier brands? Or that an online wrap database has 28,686 different wraps listed on their website? 


No wonder that parents new to babywearing find the choice overwhelming.

But this huge selection also means that somewhere out there there's a sling/carrier that would fit you, your little one and your lifestyle perfectly.

Check out the following two articles to start finding your perfect choice!


I'm an expat mom living in Munich. I like to take long walks along the lakeside nearby, love strong coffee, dark chocolate and dancing. The most magical place I've visited on Earth is Iceland. Accidentally, that's also where we found out about our baby boy. 

I'm sharing my experience and my knowledge here to inspire and teach you about all aspects of babywearing. Carrying my baby has been an absolute lifesaver & wonder for me, and I believe it can be for you as well. Read more about my stor​y here.

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