January 25


7 Babywearing Benefits for Babies

By Emma

January 25, 2020


Babywearing benefits babies on so many levels.

Babies travel from one world to another when they are born. This is a huge change. Just imagine having spent all your life in a warm and cozy environment. After that, coming into a new world, which is bright, several degrees colder, and full of unknown sensory experiences.

Newborns have to adjust to the world outside the womb. It’s only natural for them to long for the things they already know. Like warmth, rhythmic movements and feeling snug. That’s why wearing a baby in a well-fitted sling or baby carrier is not only invaluable for mom and dad but also helps the baby adapt to the new circumstances.

1. Babywearing helps babies self-regulate

Babies can sense the wearer’s body heat, smell, and rhythms. This helps young babies regulate their own temperature, heart rate, and breathing.

2. Carried babies cry less

Babies are snug and comfy in a well-tied sling. So they feel secure and relaxed. Research shows that carried babies cry both less often and for a shorter amount of time.

3. Carrying involves babies more

Babies participate in real-world activities while the wearer meets people, and runs errands. This stimulates their sensory development and helps them adapt to the world.

4. Babywearing promotes emotional and language development

While carried babies are listening to conversations, they are also more aware of the caregiver’s facial expression, body language, and emotions. This intense involvement supports their early emotional and language development.

5. Carrying decreases the risk of flat-head syndrome

Babies should sleep on their backs for safety reasons, and they are spending most of their awake time lying on their backs. As a result, this can lead to flat-head syndrome. Carried babies spend more time in an upright position, so there’s a smaller chance for them to develop a flat spot on their head.

6. Babywearing helps to bond

The close body contact, especially skin-to-skin, releases hormones that promote the connection between baby and wearer. Babywearing is a great way for all caregivers to strengthen their bond with their newborns.

7. Babywearing promotes physical development

Lastly, carried babies sense the movements of their caregiver. Therefore, they make small movements themselves to compensate or move along with it. As a result, their balance system, muscle strength, head and neck control are being developed.

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