Hey there! I'm Emma, babywearing enthusiast and educator.

I'm an expat mom and babywearing educator living in Munich. I like to take long walks along the lakeside nearby, love strong coffee, dark chocolate and dancing. The most magical place I've visited on Earth is Iceland. Accidentally, that's also where we found out about our baby boy. I'm sharing my experience and my knowledge here to inspire and teach you about all aspects of babywearing. Carrying my baby has been an absolute lifesaver and wonder for me. And I believe it can be for you as well. Read more about my story here.

Sleeping baby carried in a pink babywearing wrap.
Babywearing mom carrying her baby at the lake
Babywearing mom carrying her baby under a babywearing jacket
Babywearing mama carrying her baby in the mountains

My babywearing story

So here I was, an expat mom, a few weeks into postpartum, without any family nearby and in a new neighborhood we just moved into. Still, I thought I was prepared. Tons of food in the freezer, mesh undies in the closet, hemorrhoid cream in the bathroom. Yet, I’ve never imagined that becoming a mother could be so hard… I had difficulty walking (and sitting for that matter) for the first few weeks after birth. On top of that, I had other uncomfortable issues (hello weakened post-partum pelvic floor). Besides, my baby and I had breastfeeding problems with lots of tears on both sides.

Mom and her baby

I tend to overthink things. So I was not only hormone-ridden by those glorious after birth hormones but anxious and worried too. We purchased all the baby gears that promised to solve our problems. ALL the things. Magic pacifiers and finger feeders to avoid nipple confusion, multiple swaddle blankets so that everyone gets some sleep at last, probiotic supplements for both baby and me to help our health issues. You name it… The delivery guy became our most frequent visitor from the outside world in those days. Needless to say, many of these things were useless or improved our life just a tiny bit.

I knew I had to pull myself together because baby’s daddy had to go back to work. And I was up to tackle the task of keeping baby content and manage our life and household at the same time. These two goals seemed to be in an ultimate conflict. My baby wanted to be held almost all the time, but I had to put him down to get anything done. I felt like a failure and had guilt all day. Either over my crying baby or because of my growing to-do list and messy home. Besides, it was really hard to go anywhere with the baby because I had to carry him and his stroller down a long flight of stairs.

Then came the solution

That’s when our lactation consultant suggested trying babywearing. I was actually planning to wear my baby, but those first postpartum weeks really shifted my priorities and I was also worried about the baby’s weight against my body making my symptoms worse. But after the lactation consultant’s encouragement, I found myself looking at several Youtube videos on how to tie the stretchy wrap I happened to have on hand. My Youtube search for a good wrapping guide was like a never-ending rabbit trail. So I switched to the manufacturer’s instructions. These were a bit easier to follow but I wasn’t able to see the exact moves. My first attempt looked like this:

Mom wearing her baby in a stretchy wrap

Far from perfect, but felt amazing. As if I was carrying my lil’ bebe in my belly again. And this was the first time I was able to fix myself a snack alone while my baby was peacefully napping in the wrap. No big step for mankind, but a GIANT leap for me. I realized that babywearing could help me out of my misery. Finally, I was able to get things done at home and meet people for coffee or lunch without upsetting my baby boy.

So I started to wear my baby several times every day. It was incredibly helpful at the times when he liked being in the sling. However, he sometimes hated it. It was quite a learning curve to figure out that he didn’t like it when his diaper was dirty or he needed to go. It also took me a while, and some professional advice from a babywearing educator to learn how to wrap my baby tight enough to safely do things around the house.

 Keep calm and carry your baby

When my baby grew, I tried different slings and carriers and found a couple of favorites that distributed his weight more evenly so that carrying him stayed comfortable. Then I got a series of plugged ducts and mastitis around 6 months. I was afraid that that was it and I wouldn’t be able to carry him anymore. But after I’ve studied the different carries and baby carriers, I found those that did not have pressure on my breasts and was able to continue carrying my baby boy.

In hindsight, our carrying journey hasn’t been free of challenges but it has been giving me the freedom and peace of mind to do things without ignoring my baby’s needs. I became a babywearing educator to inspire and teach others to explore the wonderful world of carrying. Babywearing offers so many benefits for babies, moms, and other caregivers.

I’m not a magic fairy, our home still gets messy from time to time. But I get to do the things most important for us in and outside the house. I call it balance. 😊

And something that is just as important to me: babywearing even made me more confident in my new role as a mother. I rarely overthink things now, and I definitely don’t feel the pressure to buy everything the baby market has to offer.

My goal

As a babywearing educator, my goal is to help other parents and caregivers to experience the same freedom and peace of mind. I'd like to make babywearing simple for you. 

Mom wearing her baby outside under a babywearing jacket

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